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Salted Chocolate Frosting

I woke up Saturday morning just wanting one little piece of Fudge. Very unlike me because I usually don't love fudge. But then I made this 'fudge' and though it didn't quite act like a fudge, it hit the spot. Don't jump up and down yet, it gets better. I decided that this fudge was more like a frosting and would pair perfectly with a chocolate cake or muffin, or any type of cake. I used it in a different way though, so stay tuned for that post (coming tomorrow!!) Ok so now it's time to jump up and down!

This recipe uses minimal ingredients, and are actually staple ingredients in my house so I didn't even have to run to the store to pick anything up! Let me know what your favorite way to use this frosting is, and use the hashtag, #LabbyRaEats if you post it on instagram or Facebook.


Salted Chocolate Frosting


  • 1 cup almond butter

  • 1/2 cup cacao

  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbs oat milk (I really like Elmhurst milk)

  • 1/4 cup +2 tbs pure maple syrup

  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract (not imitation)

  • 1/4 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

  • Optional: 2 scoops Further Food Collagen (discount code: "LabbyRae10" for 10% off your first order)


  1. There's really only one step here. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. From there you can use it however you want. Below are some good uses, but the opportunities are endless:

  • Frosting

  • Refrigerate/freeze it and eat with a spoon (so rich and fudgey)

  • On toast

  • In smoothies

  • Smore's

  • Animal Cracker Sandwiches

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