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About Me

Welcome to Life of Labby! I am here to share how eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or restrictive, and to show everyone that it looks different to each person. I typically steer clear of the word ‘healthy’ because I think it makes it seem like certain things are unhealthy, and that’s not the point I am trying to convey. My goal is to show people that there’s more to food/eating than the diet culture portrays, and that it shouldn’t be a numbers game. I’ve been there, and believe me, I understand the pressure it causes in one's life.


The pressures start with tracking your numbers, but it ends up being way more than just that. The pressure and stress begins to stem from what you can and cannot eat, going out with friends or family and not knowing what to order, or even being at work and feeling like you need to run an extra mile for eating your colleagues birthday cake. I am here to show you that life doesn’t have to be that way and food can be enjoyed without stressing about any of that.


I always battled between dieting and trying to eat something that doesn’t send me to the bathroom 30 minutes later, and that my friend, is a tough balance. Trying to diet leads to eating processed foods made with chemicals and preservatives that just don’t sit right in my stomach. My college days were filled with meal replacement shakes and, I’m not kidding. I played soccer in college and I truly thought I was being the healthiest version of myself.


A year after I graduated college I realized what was actually causing the discomfort, and to my surprise it was my diet! I thought I had been eating so healthy for the longest time and I’ve come to find out that I was ruining my gut and not feeding my body the correct nutrients. I didn’t go to any expensive doctor, I just listened to my body. I came to this realization through a lot of trial and error, reading, and I am still learning.


That’s when my attempted fashion blog took a turn towards a food blog. I have learned so much since I begin to pay attention to what I was actually putting in my body and it has made a world of difference. Now, I pay attention to the ingredients and I rarely even look at the nutrition labels because like I said before, that begins to be a numbers game that’s not fun for myself or anyone around me. This website comprises my new found love for food and cooking. Sharing with you delicious foods made with real ingredients that don’t cause discomfort in my life, and I hope they don't in yours either. More than that, I am sharing my love for fitness and the beautiful outdoors. So please, follow along and let me know what you think of my recipes. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments, I’d love to chat!

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