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The Unspoken Truth

Hey guys! At this point a lot of you who follow along know a lot about my life but some of you may not. I've been hesitant to share this on here because I was scared of not being fully accepted as a blogger. I've come to realize, who really cares? My life is awesome and is what makes me so unique. All I am here to talk about today is the Unspoken Truth that I'm sure many of you can relate too.

As most of you know, Instagram puts off this image that everyone’s life is picture perfect. But that's all it is, a picture. Nobody's life is as perfect as they make it out to be on Instagram, and it's so easy to compare yourself to someone else on there. That's sort of how I started this blog. One day I compared my life to someone I was following and was just like, "hey, I can do that! I'm going to start an Instagram/blog of my life". That wasn't a negative response, but it all started from comparing myself to someone else... and hey, that's human nature. We all compare and it's so easy to say he/she has this and I want that too! Anyways, I didn't realize how hard this whole thing was. I mean, keeping up with this blog and Instagram is a second job in itself, and truly is difficult. This second job that I voluntarily started has changed my life though. I have begun to live a healthier and truly happier life because of it.

I started this out wanting to be a fashion blogger because of my love for everything fashion. I had NO idea what I was stepping into, nor did I even know how to do this. I soon realized that maybe fashion wasn't quite for me. Don't get me wrong, I love it and would love to be able to blog about it. But at this point in my life, almost a year out of college, I can't afford a fashion blog. I can't afford to buy new clothes every season just to keep up with the trends. I work an entry-level job in New York that doesn't even pay be enough to live on my own, let alone continuously buy clothes. I still share sales here and there, but it's so hard to look at everything I want and not be able to buy I sort of switched my focus. This is when I realized my true passion; fitness and food. I have always loved working out and eating healthy. My mom was a personal trainer and introduced me to healthy eating. My dad was an avid cyclist and actually grew up as a gymnast who always preached, "everything in moderation". So to say the least, I was always interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

I played soccer up until I graduated college. In college, I really became aware of the foods I was eating and putting into my body, but nothing too crazy. I just knew to eat my fruits, vegetables and proteins, and not too much dessert. Since I started this blog, I have realized there are SO many different aspects of a healthy lifestyle; food just being one of them. I would dive into all of the other factors that help create a healthy lifestyle, but to be completely honest, I don't know all of them. I am not a doctor and I did not study this in school. I would like to think I am knowledgeable to some extent when it comes to health; I do my research and really try to learn because I enjoy it. But in the end, I am just a young professional seeking my happiest life and wanting to share it in hopes of helping at least one other person live theirs!

So, I am a recent college graduate who is working an entry-level position in the Criminal Justice field (aka not a high paying job). I live with my boyfriend’s family because I can't afford an apartment on my own and could not be more thankful for them. I am a food enthusiast and fitness lover, just trying to live my best life. My life is not perfect on paper, but to me it is amazing. I am happy and healthy, and my body allows me to do so much, which I am endlessly grateful for. I have a loving family who supports me and has made me who I am today. Thank you to those of you who are following along and I hope you continue to do so, I appreciate all of you. I hope you enjoy this journey of my life just as much as I am. I will be sharing healthy tips, workouts, recipes, and activities that make me my happiest self!

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