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Upper Body Work

Warm Up - 3 Minutes walking at incline

Interval Run - 4,3,2,1

4 - Steady run for four minutes at a decent pace. ( I ran at 7.3)

3 - Increase your speed for the next three minutes and stay at a consistent pace. (I ran at 8.3)

2 - Increase your speed for the next two minutes; this will bring you to 9 minutes. Sometimes I increase the speed at 8 minutes if I think I go faster. (I ran at 9.3 then 9.5)

1 - Increase your speed as much as you can for the final minute. I sometimes increase this for the last 30 seconds (I ran at 10.5 then 11.0).


You can find these shoes here! I bought them at Nordstrom but they are now sold out there. They are one of my favorite shoes to workout in now. It said to size up on the Nordstrom site, but I would recommend staying with your size. I am usually between and 7 and a 7.5 but went with an 8 and they were way too big. I then sized down to a 7.5 and wish I even went down to a 7. Despite the sizing, they are extremely comfortable and I highly recommend them!


3 Sets - 8 Reps

Bicep Curls

Shoulder Press

Standing Bent Row

3 Sets

Burpees :20, rest:10

Tricep Dips :20, rest :10

Push Ups :20, rest :10

3 Sets

Bicep Curls - 7,7,7

3 point shoulder raise - 15 reps

Overhead Tricep - 15 reps

3 Sets

High Knees :20, rest:10

Plank (elbow to straigh arm) :20, rest:10

Standing Ab Dip

Abs - 2 Sets

Hip Raises (feet straight up in air) :20, rest:10

Toe Touches :20, rest:10

Butterfly Crunch :20, rest:10

V-ups :20, rest:10

Side Crunch (each side) :20, rest:10

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