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Killer Full Body Workout

Okay so many of you have been asking me for workouts recently and I usually just try to come up with something on the spot based on what you guys are looking to workout. My friend asked me the other day and I gave her a workout that was very say the least. I've done the actual exercises before, but never all together during a workout. 

The best part about this workout is that you can make it your own. The weight or reps that work for me may not work for you. For that reason, I don't add any weight amounts to my workouts because the actual weight, shouldn't be a goal. Completing the workout feeling just as healthy as when you started, but a little more fatigued, should be the goal.

This workout all together took me about an hour and twenty minutes. I did a 30 minute spin class in the middle of it instead of doing cardio at the beginning. Feel free to do the cardio anywhere in this workout. I really enjoyed doing it in the middle. 



- squat jumps

- push ups (go on your knees if you need too, don't force it or you'll hurt your back..I do hem on my knees sometimes)

- one legged dead lift with dumbbell or ketllebell. 


- Seated Row

- Jump lunged (12 each side)

- Lateral Pull down

30 MINUTES OF CARDIO (I chose to do a spin class)


- Tricep Push Down

- Sumo Squats (10) and Pulse (20)

- Reverse Fly with Dumbbells

Final Set

- 60 mountain Climbers

- 1 Minute Plank

- Push Ups (max out)

- Shoulder Press (max out)

- Tricep Dips (max out)

- 40 V-ups


This was a killer workout and I loved every second of it! I did this workout in my new adidas from Nordstrom. They were SO comfortable and I highly recommend them!

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