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Cupshe Bikini's

Happy Friday everyone!! This weeks weather was SO nice...and now today we are getting almost 8 inches of snow! (Some of you may just be getting rain). I never understand how the weather changes so drastically overnight! I cannot wait until I can just be on the beach and not worry about the next day’s weather.

Many of you have been asking me my thoughts on the Cupshe bathing suits so I wanted to share with you all. I only ordered two and it was my first time trying them out, but I was pleasantly surprised. Cupshe bathing suits are priced very low compared to other brands and for someone on a budget; I think a great purchase. Especially if you’re looking for something trendy that might be out of style next season.  I was nervous ordering at first because of the low price, but don’t let that steer you away! The one downfall to Cupshe is that you can’t order pieces separately, so if you order a small than you get a small in both the top and bottom. However, because they are priced so low you could just order two different sizes and mix and match them.

Below is the blue bathing suit I ordered in a size Small. The top I found to be a little big, but I just tied it tighter in the front to tighten it. I loved this suit and was great coverage on the bum too!

The second bathing suit I ordered is this one pictured below. I was a little weary ordering this suit, as I wasn’t sure how the high waist bottoms would look on me, but I turned out LOVING it. The top fit much tighter for a small compared to the blue top and it was perfect. The white was not see-through at all (thank god because I didn’t test it out before), and it looked super cute with the straps wrapping around my torso! I highly recommend this bathing suit!

I can only speak to the bathing suits that I have ordered and worn myself, some of their suits might not fit the same. Let me know if you’ve tried out their suits and if so, which ones you liked or disliked! Happy Shopping!

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