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Winter Speed Work

This morning I woke up early to go to the gym, however the only problem I find when going to the gym before work is how much I am crunched for time. So, I try to get the most out of my 45 minutes that I’m there. Today I did some speed work on the treadmill in training for my half marathon. After it all, I ended up running three and half miles. Below is exactly what I did with the speeds that I ran at.

  • 1 minute of walking at 3.5

  • Raise the incline to .5 and begin to run at 6.5 (after 1 mile is when I start the speed work)

  • Run at 9.3 for 1:00

  • Rest at 6.8 for 1:30

  • Run at 9.5 for 0:45

  • Rest at 6.8 for 1:15

  • Run at 9.8 for 0:30

  • Rest at 7.0 for 1:00

  • Run at 9.5 for 1:00

  • Rest at 7.0 for 1:30

  • Run at 9.8 for 0:45

  • Rest at 7.0 for 1:15

  • Run at 10 for 0:30

  • Rest at 7.3 for 1:00

**Raise incline to 1 before this set

  • Run at 9.8 for 1:00

  • Rest at 7.3 for 1:30

  • Run at 10 for 0:45

  • Rest at 7.3 for 1:15

  • Run at 10.5 for 0:30

  • Rest at 7.5 for 1:00


This is something that works for me and might not work for you. I am just giving you my speeds and incline as an example, but you don’t have to run at those levels. This is a workout that is easy to manipulate, if you want to go faster then you can increase the speed or if you want it hillier then increase the incline!

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