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3 Essential Items for Home Workouts

As we all know this time of year is absolutely FRIGID, especially if you live in the Northeast. This makes it difficult to get yourself to the gym, at least I know it does for me. I always find myself saying “ok today I’m going to go to the gym and get in a great workout", but then I step outside and quickly think of something else I need to get done that allows me to stay home. On days like today, when it is -7 outside but feels like -22, I do home workouts. I used to think in order to get a good workout in I needed big equipment and heavy weights that only the gym had. If I couldn't make it to the gym I figured a home workout just wasn't the same and I would make up my missed workout the next day at the gym. my surprise, home workouts are actually AMAZING. I sometimes find myself working harder during a home workout than I would at the gym. You do not need much equipment to get a great workout in at home, if any at all. However, there are three pieces of equipment that I believe are essential for home workouts.


If you haven't jump roped since you were a kid, you may not realize how beneficial these are. Jump ropes are a great way to get your cardio in at home, you can even bring it to the gym and use it as a warm up before your workout.

These bands are a simple and great way to strengthen your legs and arms without using weights. There are different levels of resistance that come in this pack linked above. One exercise I like to do is put the band around the top of my knees while doing a lateral shuffle with a squat. This really targets the outer glutes and hips.

Kettlebells are extremely versatile and allows you to target many different muscle groups just with this one piece of equipment. This comes in all different weights but I like the 15lb kettlebell because I feel like I can utilize that weight the most.


These are great pieces of equipment for home workouts and are relatively inexpensive. You don't necessarily need all three, but even just one of these would be beneficial to achieve your goals at home on days like today when you don't even want to step outside.

There's many workouts that encompass these pieces of equipment that are easy to accomplish at home or at the gym. I prefer to use these items at the gym and incorporate them into my cardio or strength workouts. I will post some of the workouts that I like to do for you guys later on this week.

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