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Prime Location for a Great Workout

It is always a struggle for me to workout at hotels because of the lack of equipment and room. This past week I've been staying at the Millenium Hilton in New York City and it's been great! Their gym isn't huge but has just enough equipment to get the job done. I've already posted a couple of workouts but see below for the one I did tonight!

(This is the view from my room)


20 Minutes of Cardio - I did this on an elliptical and incorporated some intervals into it.

3 Sets

  • 12 Dumbbell chest press with leg raises (make sure to keep lower back on the bench)

  • 15 Lateral shoulder raises

  • 15 Rear delt squeeze

3 Sets

  • 15 Push-Ups

  • 15 Standing bent rows

  • 15 Straight arm push down

3 Sets

  • 2 Minutes Plank:

  • 15 second - regular plank

  • 15 second - right side plank

  • 15 second - regular plank

  • 15 second - left side plank

  • 15 second - regular plank

  • 15 second - rocking front and back plank

  • 15 second - side dips while planking

  • 15 second - regular plank


If you guys are ever looking for a place to stay in NYC the Millenium Hilton is in the perfect location. It looks over the Oculus and the 9/11 memorial, and is just a few blocks away from the bay. I ran around Battery Park yesterday and up towards Rockefeller Park and City Vineyard; it was absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend coming to visit this area, especially during the summer time.

Try out this workout and let me know what you think. It wasn't one of my hardest ones, but was definitely a keeper and great when trying to squeeze in a workout!

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